TS Adapter

The CP524 TS Adapter has been designed to meet the requirements of operators and service providers for flexible repacking, and delivery of content for multiple end points. Its multi-stream (any input to any output), filtering/remultiplexing features enable operators and service providers to save valuable bandwidth in their networks.

The variety of network infrastructures used in the broadcast industry today has also led to an increasing demand for network adaption and conversion between formats and interfaces. The CP524 solves these issues, for up to four transport streams, by offering powerful network adaption between ASI, IP, SONET/SDH and SMPTE 310.

As well as the filtering/remultiplexing and network adaptation functionality the CP524 also provides features such as, advanced IP processing, FEC insertion, monitoring and powerful PSI/SI/PSIP handling. The CP524 is also equipped with reliability features such as hitless protection with diversity reception, service fallback and Embedded Redundancy control to ensure 100% uptime even in the case of severe packet or link loss.

The CP524 supports dynamic PSIP generation for electronic program guide data, interfacing to EPG providers via the ATSC standard PMCP XML-based interface via HTTP or FTP connections. The CP505 has succesfully been integrated with several PSIP data providers, including MediaStar PSIP from Broadcast Interactive Media.


  • Reduce the cost for PSIP insetion and handling with up to four independent PSIP engines per unit
  • Enables valuable bandwidth savings by providing powerful filtering and remultiplexing features
  • Provides great flexibility by supporting both ASI, SMPTE310, IP and SONET/SDH interfaces
  • Provides powerful MPEG-2 TS solution in a single unit to reduce costs and space requirements
  • Provides increased reliability, enabling operators and service providers to meet their SLA requirements
  • Simplifies operations with an easy to use interface


  • Multi-channel dynamic PSIP ingest with PMCP support
  • Multi-channel multiplexing and re-multiplexing – any input to any output, at regional head-ends, uplinks and remultiplexing sites
  • Regionalization of multiplexes by service add and drop
  • Contribution and distribution of MPEG-2 Transport Streams
  • Network adaptation and Transport Stream interface conversion between IP/Ethernet, ASI, SMPTE 310 and SONET/SDH

Key Features

  • Flexible transport stream processing
  • Flexible Transport Stream interfacing and adaptation
  • Advanced Traffic Policing
  • Powerful PSI/SI/PSIP handling
  • Transport Stream Monitoring
  • Redundancy
  • User-friendly configuration and control
  • Compact, cost-effective solutions with 2 units in 1RU



TXP HTTP/XML protocol