cMUX Remultiplexer

The CP525 is a powerful tool for intelligent processing, multiplexing and scrambling of MPEG-2 Transport Streams. It provides service and component filtering, multiplexing, as well as PSI, DVB-SI and ATSC PSIP table handling. The CP525 multiplexer provides flexible interfacing to both DVB ASI, SMPTE-310 and IP networks. CP525 also has integrated support for SFN network adaptation (MIP insertion). Advanced features are present for improving system robustness, e.g. hitless protection with IP diversity reception, input port switching on loss of signal and individual bit rate policing of services in the transport stream.

For a product demo of the CP525 watch the  video on Broadcast Engineering


  • Increased bandwidth usage efficiency gives real cost savings by clever bandwidth policing and optimised PSI/SI/PSIP playout
  • Improved quality of existing services with bandwidth policing and  tailored EPG
  • Increased ROI by adding new TV, Radio and Data services
  • Compact size and intelligent design for a powerful and cost-effective solution to terrestrial, cable and satellite operators as well as service providers.
  • Ease of use minimizing costs of operator training


  • Multiplexing and re-multiplexing at regional head-ends, uplinks, downlinks and remultiplexing sites
  • Regionalization of multiplexes by service add and drop
  • Adaptation of SI for regional program package
  • Optimized SI tables insertion for bandwidth efficiency
  • SFN adaptation for DVB-T networks

Key Features

  • Flexible multiplexing and processing
  • Powerful PSI/SI/PSIP handling
  • Advanced traffic policing
  • Scrambling
  • Input stream monitoring and port redundancy
  • Integrated SFN adaptation
  • IP multicast and unicast support
  • Multiple TS output copies on IP (smallcasting)
  • Hitless protection with IP diversity reception
  • Automatic input switching on loss of signal or critical alarm condition
  • Compact and cost-effective solution
  • User-friendly configuration and control



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