MAGIC AE1 DAB+ Audio Encoder

MAGIC AE1 DAB+ is a 19″ x 1 U DAB Audio Encoder with integrated monitoring decoder without fan. The system supports the new MPEG-4 HE-AAC V2 coding standard , which was licenced from Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in Erlangen, Germany. The outstanding feature is the high efficiency of the algorithm at extremely low bit rates.


  • X.21 interface
  • LAN interface (can be used for Audio transmission as well as for configuration and monitoring purposes via SNMP)
  • Analogue and digital Audio interfaces
  • RS232 interface for transmission of PAD (Programme Associated Data)
  • Monitoring of the uncoded and the encoded Audio signal
  • Headphones output for monitoring


The system can be configured and controlled via the front keypad and iluminated display. Alternatively, operation is also possible with the Windows PC Software which is included in the delivery.

MAGIC DAB Software

Direct connection to Ensemble Multiplexer

The MAGIC AE1 DAB+ Audio Encoders can be directly connected to the Ensemble Multiplexer via the X.21 or the LAN interface.