MAGIC DAB MUX Multiplexer

The MAGIC DAB MUX is based on the Fraunhofer ContentServer Technology and offers a highly reliable professional DAB Digital Radio platform (Eureka 147 DAB). The system supports all content and signalling options DAB offers. For the integration in transmission networks the system uses the latest IP technology, which allows a simple and cost-efficient integration of all DAB system components such as e.g. encoders and monitoring decoders.

The implemented MUXENC Protocol ensures a transmission over high distances with no packet loss. Additionally, the configuration, PAD transmission and the monitoring of the remote encoders can also be realised via the protocol. Alternatively, the encoders can also be connected via EDI if required. The systems require a Server PC platform (preferably HP DL380 Gen8), which can be optionally delivered by AVT.

Three different versions are available:

  • MAGIC DAB MUX BASIC: comprises all standard features for a classic DAB Ensembleincluding data services such as Slideshow and Journaline® 
  • MAGIC DAB MUX PROFESSIONAL: offers all available functions for the transmission and monitoring of the DAB services with no restrictions
  • MAGIC DAB MUX SURROUND SOUND: allows the generation of a 5.1 Audio programme including PAD for already existing Ensemble Multiplexer systems