The MAGIC TBR tunnel break-in rebroadcast system is a DAB+ Repeater and Voice Break-in System in a 19″ housing with only 2 U height.


  • Receiver (RF Input)
  • Modulator (RF Output)
  • GPS and two clock inputs for enhanced purposes
  • Up to 4 x DAB/DAB+ Encoder and Monitoring Decoder
  • 2 x Analogue Inputs/Outputs
  • 4 x Digital AES/EBU Inputs/Outputs
  • Headphone Output
  • Live Announcements
  • Prerecorded Announcements from internal memory
  • 2 x LAN for control and monitoring, SNMP
  • Programmable GPIOs (8 x TTL, 8 x relay)
  • Predefined PAD transmission
  • Slideshow
  • Dynamic Label
  • Redundant wide-range power supply
  • Power consumption: < 40 W
  • Optional 2nd  module for 2nd  independent ensemble can be equipped
  • Optional Break-In via VoIP


The system can be configured and controlled via a user-friendly web browser.