Nevion Virtuoso Hardware Platform

Media Servers and Media Accelerators

Nevion Virtuoso is a revolutionary software-defined media virtualization platform, offering wide-ranging functionality for live production, contribution and professional media transport applications.

Nevion Virtuoso runs a variety of Media Functions to perform different tasks, including video and audio processing, encoding and decoding, content protection and encryption, confidence monitoring, and IP transport protection for media and data.

The virtualization of Media Functions is achieved by using flexible network-attached Media Server Appliances and Accelerators.

Media Server Appliances

The Nevion Virtuoso platform has been designed to allow for the provision of Media Servers (appliances) with different characteristics, such as size, number of Media Accelerators that can be accommodated and level of modularity, in order to suit virtually any deployment scenario.

Currently, the following Media Servers are available:

  • Nevion Virtuoso FA: a 1 RU flexible appliance with dual AC load-sharing power supplies. It includes a built-in main board with a media processing engine and 10GE uplinks, and can hold up to four Media Accelerators. It is cost effective and suitable for fixed and mobile flight case deployments.
  • Nevion Virtuoso MI: a 1RU modular infrastructure frame with dual AC or DC load-sharing power supplies, supporting hot-swap and internal redundancy for element management, internal communications and network uplinks. Deisgned specifically for carrier applications, Nevion Virtuoso MI can hold up to 8 Media Accelerators, supporting for example 1 Network Uplink and 7 Media Functions, 2 Network Uplink and 6 Media Functions, or 8 stand-alone Media Functions.

Media Accelerators

Nevion Virtuoso Media Accelerators are designed to provide the optimum performance for Media Functions:

Currently, the following Media Accelerators are available:

  • HBR Media Accelerator: designed for most high-bit-rate Media Functions
  • H.264/AVC Accelerator: designed for H.264/AVC enconding/decoding
  • ASI/TS Interface Accelerator: designed for ASI adaption

More Media Accelerators are planned