Sublime X2

Compact router series enabled for 4K/UHD with option for redundant cross-point, redundant controller and multi-core signal processor

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Sublime X2 3G-SDI compact router series enabled for 4K/UHD with option for redundant cross-point, redundant controller and multi-core signal processor.

With its management, cross point and power redundancy, it features the reliability of large modular routers. A multi-core signal processing farm makes it a hybrid router. Its compact form factor makes it ideal for applications where size really matters. And its clever design, brings cost savings to its users. The router series features a routing level for the de-embedded and embedded audio. An optional AES extension, providing 32 AES I/O ports and scaling the routing level to a 96×96 AES router, makes the router the ideal choice for in-studio routing.

The 4K/UHD software upgrade for the Sublime X2 enables it to handle quad-link UHD/4K and 3G/HD/SD simultaneously through sectioning of the ports, allowing for virtually any routing configuration – both square (where the number of inputs matches the number the outputs) and non-square. Configurations can be changed easily on the fly, without interrupting the unaffected signals.

The embedded system controllers provide a powerful web interface for control and management, SNMP support and support for multiple control panels enabling multi user control. Support for external router and 3rd party interfaces makes Sublime X² central to any routing system.


  • High reliability
  • Operational simplicity
  • Cost efficiency
  • Future proof


  • UHD/4K applications
  • Outside broadcast
  • Studio infrastructure
  • Signal processing
  • Contribution routing
  • Play-out routing

Key Features

  • 64×64 3G/HD/SD-SDI router in 3RU
  • 32×32 3G/HD/SD-SDI router in 2RU
  • UHD/4K enabled
  • Simultanous UHD/4K and 3G-SDI routing
  • 32 configurable AES I/O ports
  • DVB-ASI compliant
  • Redundant replaceable cross point module
  • Redundant replaceable controllers
  • Redundant power
  • Redundant Ethernet connection
  • Multi-core video and audio processing
  • Up to 8 independent processing cores including
    • clean switch, audio embedding and AES routing
  • Web interface and SNMP for control and monitoring
  • Support for all Nevion control panels on IP
  • Extensive 3rd party protocol support including
    • Leitch pass-thru, Triton, Pro-Bel, GVG nati